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    Anyone come across an internet filter for the Centro?
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    No but if you hear of one please post. One of the reasons I have yet to let my kid have one is the lack of "parental controls" including the internet. As a test I googled naked girls on the phone and got all kinds of pix I prefer my teen not have unfettered access to.
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    Exactly. I can't even trust myself.
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    I was trying pretty hard myself to find a piece of software to filter access. Turns out Sprint has its own wireless access protection. You login to Sprint's website, click on passwords, click on wireless data access and there should be a check box for restricting access.

    Well, it seems to be a pretty unsophisticated solution (you can only check yes or no and it does not let you specify which websites to allow). Also, it seems to be really exclusive (it blocks tons of appropriate content), so I guess it's more on the safe side. It's very far from a perfect solution, but it's something and it's free.

    You still have access to Google Maps and your email, so the only thing that seems to be restricted is the web browser access.

    Apparently AT&T has something similar as well.

    Hope this helps!
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    V guy here, maybe I'll contact them and see what they do. Thanks. I see an app for the iP, naturally....wonder why this hasn't become a big biz on the phones as it is for our computers?
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    Solved. It seems that for phones, it's done at the service provider level. With VZW, you can log in and pick your settings, four different levels, no charge. Yes, I can fairly easily log in and change them, but it's just enough to keep a wall up for me. And the kids can't change it of course.
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    For those with a provider who doesn't have these options, you can always use OpenDNS, and just change the dns numbers in the connection settings.
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