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    And this will run on the Centro and synch to the desktop?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorro1 View Post
    Is that the Palm Notepad, JZ?
    Quote Originally Posted by jayzee View Post
    Yes it is, I believe v2.3 from the m105 I believe.
    So do we know this will work (ie., sync with the desktop), or is someone going to be the Centro tester?
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    It runs fine on the centro. Like I said I was not able to get it to sync to palm desktop.
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    This is very interesting.

    I transfered Note Pad (2.2.2) from my Zire72s over to the Centro.

    It works fine on the Centro and it tries to Sync to the desktop with (Mac conduit 2.0.1) but the desktop Note Pad application (Mac 2.0.1) displays a garbled pic.

    Then I noticed that if I try to use the "Send Note" function on the Centro that it gives the error "Could Not Load PNG Library"

    Perhaps the newer OS on the Centros changed something having to do with the PNG compression and it is making the Sync fail...
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    So I need to try digging out the .prc for my T3 you think?
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