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    I was playing around with the Centro at both Verizon and ATT and I noticed that it does not seem to have the built-in encryption options in the Security Prefs that my Zire72 has.

    Can the Centro automatically encrypt its info when locked?
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    Dang, BC, just what I was going to recommend! I just downloaded it yesterday, this is a fantastic customer service outfit so if there are any problems, they'll be very responsive.
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    I have run that application for about 5 years on my various Palm devices and never had an issue.
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    I wonder why Palm didn't include the encryption function on the Centro.

    bclinger, does TealLock get along okay with the phone features of the Palm smartphones?

    I mean, what happens if the Centro is encrypted and a call comes in?
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    OK, any help with Teallock would be appreciated. I really only want to use it to prevent access to the sd card, with its own password, and not have to fiddle with another level of security just to use the device. It seems to want an all or nothing thing, tho'...what am I missing?
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    An update from TealPoint, they say this cannot be done with the newer versions. So back to mEncryptor.

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