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    Finally got rid of that Yada Yada garbage, thanks to Supply Net. The only thing I miss about it is the browser.

    Before I shell out the $20 for Blazer, does anyone have any other recommendations? Free would be nice, but I checked out Avant Go, and it looks like I'd be restricted to surfing AG channels and that's not enough. I need total browsing freedom.

    Any opinions appreciated!

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    Avantgo will let you browse the web live, there are 2 ways.
    [list=1][*]:menu: R to take you to preferences, and select "Auto-connect". This will allow Avantgo to establish an internet connection and follow any of the "off-site" links.[*]:menu: O will take you to the Open Page dialog that you can place a URL into.[/list=1]
    You can also make custom channels in Avantgo. You set up and configure the custom channel with any URL you wish.

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    You might want to check out Palmscape

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