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    My own weirdness, noticing that many of us are having strange things going on and they're all different. Starting Fri, when I went to fire up a spreadsheet, and discovered the card wasn't seated apparently since only three files showed up that are in memory. So played with it a bit, and it was working ok. Over the weekend and now today, for no good reason, the Centro will pop on with the card page and then be ok. Trying to figure if I need to exchange it.
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    I dropped my Centro accidentally last week, and after that, my Centro did not report the card as being present. I just popped it out, then back in, no problems since.
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    Thanks, didn't drop it, but haven't popped the card out either. Maybe I'll do that if I can figger out how, reinsert and all will be well.
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    Well, that hasn't worked. Looks like I'll have to suck it up and head to the store for a replacement and then reprogram everything to how I like it. Dang.
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    I don't remember if I read this in this forum or a different forum, but it seems that the Centro really prefers SanDisk cards (versus Kingston). My Sandisk cards worked perfectly on my and my wife's Centros, but the set of Kingston cards are flaky in both of our phones.
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    Thanks, that's covered, too. Using SanDisk. Perhaps I'll just pull the card a while and see what happens....

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