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    I e-mailed myself (from my computer to my TREO 700p) the download page for the TCPMP Media Player from the Core Media PLayer website. The available file iz a ZIP file, and when I call it down, I am given a dialogue expaining that "your device does not support this file type." It then asks me if I want to download it to my card.

    I want the player resident on the system, not operating from the card.

    So...what next? I can unzip the file on my computer, but then I don't know how to load the several folders onto the TREO. Where would I put them? And once on, how do I get it to install?

    Just plain stuck. Can anybody help?

    Thanks! podowitz
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    No folders required. Just install tcpmp.prc and any tcpmp_***_plugin.prc plugins that you want to use. The same method as you would use for any .prc files.

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