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    I have a treo 650 with sprint and i've been having a strange problem. I only saw one other thread about this and there were no answers there... intermittently throughout the day I get the "need to add current sam concept dm0201" error followed by a "database full...." error with the same code at the end and immediately after I ok both errors which come one after the other the alert screen will open with 5 or so alerts that default and contacts mail get failed. I suspect mmnotify is part of the problem it causes 90% of random resets and seems to be linked with versamail issues from what i've been reading.. the whole thing started randomnly and a hard reset didn't help at all. things were fine until I restored my data.. also random settings on my phone change themselves for instance I leave connect to network when phone is powered on unchecked and find it checked and also I tried turning off autosync but find it back on. does anyone have any clue what's going on???
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    i've found the solution to this problem I think.. it stems from a corrupted file mmnotify which is related to versamail.. what I did is, using a program such as filez, I edited my saved preferences file and deleted and mmnotify preference.. I may also have deleted any in unsaved prefernces as well.. the preferences will be automatically regenerated either after a hard reset or next time mmnotify runs and they will no longer be corrupted.. also I disabled all autosync in versamail not sure if that had any bearing on the issue and I haven't tried turning it back on yet to see if the problem arises again...

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