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    i have a 755p. even right after pulling the phone off of the charger a white window will pop up saying battery low system will shut down in..30..29..28.. i have no idea what this is from i can get the phone to turn back on when i remove the battery and put it back in but this only works sometimes. if it doesnt work the i have to keep doing it. once it is back on it could stay on the rest of the day or another five min (just depends on what it feels like doing that day).. i know it is not the battery because i have tried using a battery from a good phone that i know works and it still does it.. please help me.. im clueless!!
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    after a great deal of time messing around with this phone i finally figured out that all of my problems with this phone were caused by the micro sd card. i do not know what it contained that was causing my problems(such as a system shut down. low battery when it wasnt . and a system restart loop that would require a hard reset) im not sure if anyone else had these type of problems (my guess is no because there were no replies) but thats what mine were caused from
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    good to hear that you were able to track down your problem. questionable SD cards have goofed up several of my devices in the past also.

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