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    I have had a Palm Treo 700p for about two years. I use Versamail, with's IMAP server (Compuserve).

    I have experienced a recent problem in which 90% of the time I try to get new emails, the IMAP server either times out or it connects and I get a Versamail message stating:

    "The rest of the message could not be received. Please try again."

    Yesterday I upgraded my Treo's ROM to the Treo700p-1.10-SPNT. This did nothing to resolve the issue.

    My web browser works fine, so it's not a problem with Sprint connecting me to the Internet. It could be a problem, I suppose. Does anyone have any insight into this?

    David Brown
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    More info - part of the Treo ROM update is to update to Versamail 3.4, which is why I did the update.

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