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    Dear all

    Has anyone tried Snappermail 2 yet? Is it worth the upgrade? (not that it's that costs that much, but credit crunch likes to be sure!)

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    Snappermail 2 has been out for a couple of years and is really a clean up of the original application. I registered it and upon switching to ChatterEmail, never gave it a second thought. When Snapper 2 came out I did test drive it and found nothing of interest or really outstanding different. Also support may very well be an issue.
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    I've had good experience w/Snapper & their support.
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    In recent times?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    In recent times?
    As recently as two months ago, I had a problem that took many emails back and forth to resolve and finally I determined it was not Snapper. They were very patient and helpful with the issue.

    I've had couple of issues in the past that they help resolve.

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    Ok, then the developer has finally put something in to it. The application went about 2 years with nothing done to it.
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    I too have reported slight issues and made suggestions on how to improve the product and have received timely replies in the past month.
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    ...I've never had issues (been a user for years) My only wish is that could "autosync" without turning the screen on. Versamail does that already, but I have real issue with VM...I've never got to it work consistently...ever!

    Thanx everyone


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