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    Does anyone know of a program for the visor that will track all my various software registrations, not only for the visor, but in general?

    I am looking for something quick, simple, and easy. And if possible, with a cool little color icon somewhere in it to make me happy I bought a prism. :P

    Anyway, that software would be handy now that I have disregarded my complete lack of money and started registering things.

    Oh yeah... free is good too. I think I have an issue with paying for software who's sole purpose is to help me keep track of what software I have paid for. Or something.
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    There's a very nice one for ThinkDB 2, which you can get here
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    that one does seem pretty nice.. unfortunately, the ThinkDB developer changed the license of their software, so the Palm app, which used to be free, is now commercial, and must be purchased w/ a desktop app.

    I didnt really use it before (no reason), and deleted it. Now it costs money. Doh.

    In any case... is there a standalone app that does a similar thing?
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    Went looking, and found SoftTrack 1.2 on PalmGear. FWIW, it made their Essentials and Gear's Choice lists, and the reviews were mostly positive. I've been looking for something like this as well; right now I'm trying Handmark's MobileSafe for this. It's overkill to use it for this purpose alone, but it can do other very useful things (password tracking and so on). I think it's $15 through their site.

    SoftTrack is freeware. I'll be trying it as soon as I can sync it.

    [New info] I synced it and found out that PalmGear had it created for them by Bozidar Benc, a well-respected PalmOS developer. Anyway, I can see how it would be in their interests to have this made. It works pretty well, and the price is right.
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