Developers and bluetooth keyboard users:

I just got a bluetooth numeric keypad (1234567890 etc.), the Interlink VP6270, to use with a web application in Blazer (Web browser) on my Treo 700p. There are only about two manufacturers of BT keypads, and I think Interlink is the only one sold in the US.

Since the Treo doesn't come with a Bluetooth HID profile (keyboards etc.) I downloaded and installed the newest version of the ThinkOutside (iGo) keyboard driver, version 4.2. That at least allowed me to connect the devices (once I figured out that all I had to do was type the same 4 numbers on each advice and hit return...0000 works)

Unfortunately, once I got the keypad working, I realized that all the keycodes were off. Apparently the keypad sends qwertyuiop for 1234567890, which is screwy.

I first tried to create a new keyboard layout for use in the keyboard driver using the LayCoder utility, which is 5 years old and barely documented. That doesn't seem to work at all, even when I update the keymap using the convertkeymap utility. Either they don't load, or they load but don't work.

What sort of works is if I use the free KeySwitch utility from BoraWare, and remap the Windows-1252 character values of all the letters "qwertyuiop" to the values of the numbers 1234567890. So CHR 113 (q) goes to CHR 49 (1), etc.

The neat thing is that (although I expected it not to work) I can still use the Treo's built in keyboard, which doesn't remap so pressing "q" actually outputs q and not 1.

Anyway, I mainly wanted to post this so people know it's sort of possible to use a bluetooth numeric keypad with a Palm OS Treo.

But I would still prefer a more direct solution, so if anyone can tell me how to create a keyboard layout to use with the ThinkOutside driver, I would appreciate it. PM me or post to this thread -- thanks!