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    Moving from a Treo 650 to the Centro, I am having difficulty seeing the Centro keys. The backlight on my Centro is not very bright and does not adjust brightness when I adjust the screen as my 650 does.

    Is this normal? Does anyone have a Centro that behaves differently? Is brighter? I want to return mine if it is defective.

    Thanks for your help on this one.
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    Ok, since this new thread is here I had a related question. Some had reported light escaping around the edge of the keyboard. Did we determine that is intentional and normal and some haven't noticed it or is that a defect where a gap, if that's what it is could cause a problem?
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    Both issues are normal.

    To the OP: it's hard to determine if you're are okay or not, but the KB lights are not like the x-mas tree lights on the older Treos. I haven't heard of anyone saying they cannot "see" the KB though and I have no issues light or day with mine.

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    I just noticed this week that I can't see the keys on my Centro at night. Like the OP, the screen brightness does not affect the keyboard brightness. I might visit a Sprint store to get a replacement if mine is defective.

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