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    I just successfully installed 1.10 for my VZW 700P and noticed the VersaMail install at the bottom of the instruction page. Unfortunately, I can only find Windows or Mac installs. Having never HotSync'd and hoping never to, I'm curious if anyone knows how to upgrade VersaMail over the wires or an SD card? I pulled down the Mac installer and decompressed it, but couldn't find any PRC files to manually install.

    Advice greatly appreciated.

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    Here is a link to a OTA PRC I made 3.5.4.prc

    On the same site I also have another file that will work for the 650 and a "Managed" treo prc that removes the usless addtional icons for the v700p. It also sets things like default ring tone, bluetooth on, etc.

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    Awesome. Thanks for that.

    One question: does that bundle include the Exchange ActiveSync enhancement that Palm mentions at the bottom of the knowledgebase article?

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