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    I have decided to defer the MR for my Sprint 700, feeling that I couldy live with an occasional reset, and terrified by by all of the horror stories posted here. Howver, as time goes on (and without having recently added any new software) the resets are getting more frequent, and once ended up in a loop requiring a hard reset. Now cannot even launch Ptunes, Palmary Clock and usually BugMe! without a reset. It will also reset randomly, usually when I am working quickly on the device. Yesterday (for the first time) I got a reset trying to beam. So - am I doomed to a progressively more unstable device without taking the chance on the MR?
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    Its funny because as the MR Loomed for us verizon users my phone started progressively failing on me. Its almost like it knew the MR was on the horizon and figured it would justify to me by saying.. "Boss its time to update me". So I did.. and so the problems increased..

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