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    this is pretty effed up!

    if installed on someone else's treo, via your sms commands it will silently return data from that treo - such as contents of their call log or their contact info. It will also forward all sms's from that phone (this can be turned on and off remotely), remove or change the system password, and some other less unscrupulous things like locking the phone and such.

    and it resides as a preference all the way at the bottom of the treo's preferences (if you tell it to do such - so that no icon appears in the launcher).

    granted you have to get it on that phone, but if it's someone you are close enough to to be concerned about, it wouldn't be that hard to get a hold of their phone for a minute and get it installed really quickly.

    From the developer:
    This application could also be used to SPY or MONITOR your kin, friend, family, or co-workerís Treo FOR FUN (highly discouraged), and the SMS commands will not appear on the recipientís Treo.


    Anyone try any of this yet? I get the feeling this app could end some relationships!!

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