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    I am beyond annoyed here. I have a treo 755 & now there is a new problem. Sometimes when I make a call the screen freezes on "dialing" & then soft resets. ##377# reveals "unkown application causes the crash. Anyone have this problem & have a solution? Besides deleting all apps & adding them back one by one? This phone is a POS!
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    my treo resetted after i made a call. also it's been resetting most of the day. whether i press a button or go into one of my apps. i really thought i was font smoother so i deleted it but then i got another reset after taking it off. i don't know what's up. this is the first time ever since i got it (i've had the treo for almost two months now) that i've had multiple resets. i'm scared it's turning into my previous 700p.

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