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    Quote Originally Posted by adjmcloon View Post
    My Lightspeed setting? I just set one setting for everything...221 x 2.5 = 552 Keep in mind my rig is a 700p with the 755 Rom flashed to it, so you'll want to experiment with the 755. I'm not sure if the processor is the same or not.

    No problems with battery life or anything else. For a while I had custom settings and a few higher than this setting, but I was getting the occasional "freeze up" so I just set a default to a decent rate and let it go. No problems with freezing anymore, and my battery life is unchanged. I do run autodimmer and keep my screen at around 75% brightness to preserve some battery.

    Back to on-topic...I have found that resizing and compressing my pictures before I stick them into the backimage directory for use keeps things snappy. Zlauncher is the best by far of all the Palm launchers I have tried, and I've tried them all.

    As for how I have it set up, I use the tab interface (with tabs hidden), running icons 4 wide and I'm divided up between my most used apps (Home tab), Media/Games tab, and a system tab for my utilities. My card tab is set to a list with details (kind of like an explorer window)


    I have my LS setup in different speed settings like you used to have and I have the "wakeup lag" verified by Clievideo. I like you was simply going set a bus/cpu at one setting to try and eliminate this lag, but they told me that this wouldn't work because of the way the code was written. I notice the "wakup lag" most when I wake up my phone and immediately try and move the cursor in the shortcut menu. This is of course is when the phone screen was the last thing used.

    In their next release they supposedly will have a fix for this "wakeup lag" - as it was explained to me that currently when LS 3.0 wakes up from its sleep mode, it always wakes up from a default bus speed of 208 and cpu speed of 312 which is the bus/cpu speed of the Treo 755p. If that is true, are you saying that your 700p does not experience this "wakeup lag?".

    Just curious - as the "wakeup lag" is a pain - I am trying a higher minimum bus/cpu speed now in hope that it might help.

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    I noticed the wakeup lag actually, but I was pinning it on keyguardext which I was using. I went back to the default palm keyguard, and it's better. I don't see any lag on my 700/755 on wakeup anymore. It's a little bit of a pain, because I really liked the time popping up all huge on my screen when using keyguardext.

    Testing it from power off, I get maybe a half a second lag between hitting the button and screen turn on...I can live with it. This is using the default palm keyguard.

    Oh, another note...I am using Butler and the "speedy keys" option, which makes things react a bit quicker. I set the default settings and then backed it off by 1 or 2 clicks for both sliders. If you have Butler you'll see what I mean.

    Also the newest Butler has an option where it will automatically turn off the keyguard if a certain app opens (you can choose the app). So for example, when I receive a text message (messaging app) it automatically turns off the keyguard and puts me in the app...very handy.
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    its not keyguardext.. i use that on my treo 755... its prob a multiple of apps playing together which is causing the lag.. i know once for me it was a butler beta that was causing issue on slow poweron.. when u turned on screen it was doing allot of debugging.. which caused the lag...try to get a n older butler without all the new keyguard features.. i personally think that hobbyist software is released too early from betas... i have issues with two of his programs that are in a release state and can duplicate on demand with a hard reset treo... i can guarantee u that if u hard reset device and just install keyguardext.. u wont have that lag on poweron...

    i also read that lightspeed was causing poweron lag in some scenarios...

    the palm OS is nice because its an open platform and there is pretty much an application for anything that u are looking to do but the palm sometimes takes a hit on performance with the 3rd party apps
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    Now that you mention it, I did have a beta version of Butler installed, but I just put on the latest stable 4.73. I have been messing around with it today and I have no lag at power least it's imperceptible.

    I went ahead and re-enabled keyguard ext and you're right, it is just as fast as the default. Thanks for the tips!

    I haven't really had a chance to mess around with the device lately...although I really do love it after the MR update and then the 755 rom flash. I got the stubby antenna so it's like a fat 755.

    So Lightspeed confirmed to you there is an issue with the 755? I am running lightspeed 3.0
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    I use Nexave for my keyguard (it basically replaces the existing Treo keyguard).

    Looks great, works great and it's free.
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    nexave is cool for a free application but i was scared to see if my device would have issues unlocking when 4cast or rescobackup went to do there things on there own

    beam on or off.. who uses beam.. he should change that to bluetooth...haha

    and as much as the slide with the finger is a cool idea it kinda makes the phone allot easier to unlock when in bag which kills the whole keyguard purpose.. and i feel just a click of center button is real quick

    if u want to pay for an app

    keyguardext has the nice graphics and customizable.. i just wish they would allow u to remove the instructions to press center key to unlock.. good against the non treo users not being able to access my phone..haha

    i used this for some time on my older phone

    customize everything.. but doesnt give u any phone specific info.. like missed call, sound...etc
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    I haven't had any problems with Nexave and apps that auto wake up (such as Agendus Mail, Butler alarms, etc).

    It basically functions identical to the default treo keyguard so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adjmcloon View Post
    ...... I got the stubby antenna so it's like a fat 755.

    So Lightspeed confirmed to you there is an issue with the 755? I am running lightspeed 3.0
    So you like them chubby ones! I use the Ultra Slim 755p myself. Sorry couldn't resist

    Yes LS confirmed the "wakeup lag" - there should be a fix in the next release and the fix supposedly will be an option to enable or disable that feature as some may prefer the battery saving under clock mode.
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