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    Below is my basic travel kit accesories that I use for my Treo 680. I keep them with other stuff that is not related to the Treo, in a small travel zippered heavy made nylon bag made by a company named Outdoor Research (not sure if they still make it) which has small pockets and keep everything organized. Although my kit is design for traveling, I can use it at home or the office. I was wondering what you all carry or have? I am also looking for ideas on how to improve it. The extra SD's are my data backup's and music. The "spare" battery is the the factory one, which I switched for the 2400 one with the extended cover. The things that I am missing are a very compact battery charger (to charge the spare) and a few OEM red stylus (for just in case).

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    Very Nice !!
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    Man, that's a LOT of "travel" kit includes

    -8GB SDHC A-Data Card (always in)
    -My black plastic treo case to keep it from getting scratched
    -My Treo 680
    -My car charger

    Im going to be getting a bluetooth gps device soon.
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    Here's what I usually bring along:

    - Copper Treo 680
    - red rubberized hard case with a little Japanese anime character hanging off of it
    - 4Gb Patriot SD card
    - iTech R35 Bluetooth audio bridge with Panasonic RPHZE10S or Sony MDR-V6s, depending on the mood
    - USB wall adapter
    - JAVOEDGE retractable sync and charge cable
    - retractable mini-USB cable
    - HOLUX GPS Slim 236 Bluetooth GPS receiver
    - Palm TX (haha yeah it's part of my kit)
    - iGo/Think Outside Bluetooth Stowaway Keyboard
    (PowerPlay Vs) >> palmOne Zire 31 >>
    (palm Tungsten T3)/(palmOne Zire 72s) >> (palm Black Tie Trēo 650 Custom)/
    (palmOne LifeDrive Custom [SanDisk Ultra II CF])/(palm m515)/(palm T|X)
    handspring Visor Deluxe/Tapwave Zodiac 2/palm Trēo 680 Copper Orange

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