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    I'm having some trouble at work with e-mail. I am using SMTP to send e-mail to my work Exchange server and the SPAM filter is blocking the e-mail in from my Treo 700P.

    The SPAM filter we're using will allow me to enter the IP address of the Treo to let the mail in but since the IP address changes (is dynamic) that only works for a while.

    Is there any way to assign a fixed (static) IP to the Treo?

    Is there a way to identify the subnet that Sprint is on? If I have the subnet (#'s) I can open up a range of IP's so that even when the Treo gets assigned a new IP it will still be white listed by the SPAM filter and not blocked.

    I called the ever-helpful Sprint tech support, talked to three different reps., and they don't have the imformation or are just unwilling to help.
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    You need to have your exchange admin set up SMTP AUTH on the server so you can configure your Treo's email client to login to it before sending email.

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