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    I downloaded GeoView and some maps to give them a try. The only pdb files that appear to have anything in them are the ones that come with GeoView. Every map I try to look at is totally blank on my Visor Prism.

    Am I doing something wrong or are the maps bad?
    Bill Harrison
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    No, by default Geoview shows Utah - home of the Geode, to see your maps, when you start GeoView, click the "reader" icon, then when you see the list of available maps, click the globe (the little black & white circle icon) next to the name, it will recenter on the selected map.. From there you can zoom in or out, you can also click on the zoom text box (i.e. [6.9 mi] ) for a pop up "zoom" factor list, (or use the + - buttons)..

    Good Luck!
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