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    I purchased 2 Transcend 4 gb cards, one for my treo and another for my wife's. One card worked perfectly from the start, and the other card I could never get 4gb worth of stuff on, despite trying various readers. Finally the card broke after the 5th reformat and I RMA's it to transcend.

    They sent me another, and again, same problem. I was baffled why one card would work (on both phones) and another simply would not hold more than 2GB worth of stuff. I called Transcend and the guy had me read the serial numbers on the card. Apparently the identical looking cards were different in revisions, and they RMA'd me back an older model, which naturally didn't work.

    I spent too many hours trying to figure this out. If you have a Transcend card that doesnt work properly, this may be your problem. Make sure you get the latest revision, which you can only tell by serial number (after you purchase it, of course). Anything after 153260 should work for you.
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    Good to know, thanks.

    1534xx here.
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    Yep, thanks. I have two, one I have tried only in my camera.
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    Uh oh, I have 148xxx. Haven't tried to max it out yet. I guess I'll have to try.
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    If I understood the guy correctly, its not that the old revision won't necessarily hold 4 gb, its that hardly any readers would work with it to get 4 gb. If your reader works, you're good. The new revision should work with just about any reader.
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    my 4gb transcend card has 2.6gb on it right now and is serial number 143xxx
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    Have you actually checked all the files? Sometimes I would get over 2GB but the files would be corrupted and 2gb. I'd try a full 4gb and see what you get. In any event, you may be lucky enough to have a reader that works with it.
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    127441 here, and showing 3.0 G used, free space 729.1M of 3.7G
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