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    Anyone else have the phssh sound coming from their 680? I can hear it when I use the 5way nav/directional pad through the speaker in the rear. it is annoying, I wonder if it is causing any problems for me?
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    I noticed the same thing one day last week. I went into the sound preferences and turned off the volume, and then turned it back on and that seemed to fix the problem.
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    i started noticing it yesterday as well. Kind of freaked/annoyed me a little; a soft reset seemed to clear the problem.
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    Haven't heard it, but I'm on silent 90% of the time.
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    I heard it once. I had installed a program, I forgot which, and that sound began to emit everytime I pressed a button. I took the battery out and it was gone when it booted up again.
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    i'll try a soft reset and see if it goes away.

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