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    Hi, i need a simple email program that wont put me back 40$...
    I just need it for travel...not to sync with my computer...
    thanks for any leads...Laura
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    Try Eudora Internet Suite. It has an e-mail app and a browser. I like the e-mail app. The browser is ok. I prefer Browse-It for a browser. Anyway, the e-mail works great with my wireless modem. Multiple accounts, filtering and it will sync with the desktop if you ever decide to use it that way.
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    does't that cost $...thanks
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    No, Eudora's free.
    Another option is Multimail Discovery...a basic version of Multimail. Also free.I used it myself for a while, but have now gone for Corsoft's Aileron ($30), which can handle Word and Excel attatchments.

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