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    One of the flaws on my 650 was that there is no menu option for short DTMF tones. So everytime I have to enter passwords etc. while on the phone the tones would be long which with my bluetooth headset on would kill my ear drum. Is their an option for short DTMF tones on the 680?

    I think this was a problem only with the GSM models, and maybe just a compatibilty issue with tmobile.

    Ordered mine on the 21st, graphite. Looks like palms stock took another hit today because they are late to market.
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    Great question! Man I hope so, I hate that on my 650.
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    There's nothing in the manual at all about changing form long to short or any other tones.
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    Long and short DTMF options tend to be offered on CDMA only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poryphyron View Post
    Long and short DTMF options tend to be offered on CDMA only.
    OUCH! I can feel my ear drum bleeding already. Its similer to a hearing test, only the tones are so loud you cant stand it. I use the discovery 640 which sits inside my ear canal and makes it even worse. I have to quickly turn the volume all the way down on the headset or the treo when ever I enter tones, what a hassle.
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