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    When you get the new version, it adds to RAM - no biggie, plenty of room there. It is a MUCH better version than the version in ROM. I use it now almost exclusivley as my media player, it really works nice.

    I too would like to know if you can increase the buffer size on it -
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    When you launch Sprint Live TV, does the new version automatically launch, or is the shortcut still directing it to the ROM version. Just want to make sure because as much as the other features are enticing, it's the Sprint live tv/Mobitv that drains my battery during travel down time.
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    Sprint TV still goes to the previous version of Kinoma (1.0)

    What a disappointing year for UGA....

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    Yup, dissappointing on both counts - Sprint Tv reverting to old Kinoma and the Dawgs. Still hoping for an upset against Auburn this week. (Eternal Optimist)
    They're just tech Toys Folks, There IS a higher power.
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    Quote Originally Posted by karlz View Post
    When you get the new version, it adds to RAM - no biggie, plenty of room there.
    It's actually a "biggie" to me - I've been enjoying the ability to put all those card-buggy applications into RAM on the 700p - same as increasing the cache on blazer and java. It runs SOOOO much better and stabler than the 650... but it does cost RAM.

    I guess "just one more" app into RAM won't hurt - until it does. But hopefully we'll get a ROM tool functioning soon and can then remove the garbage and put the current versions of applications into ROM.

    It's really annoying to see all the wasted space taken up by carrying TWO full versions of Docs to Go (8.001 and 8.003) on a device - it's a huge footprint just for one!
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    anyone know if Kinoma can run in the background like pocket tunes? this is very important for me for radio streams. many stations will not stream in pocket tunes and default to Kinoma.

    also, does Kinoma 4 have any kind of eq?s for sound like pocket tunes???
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    Nope. You can turn off the screen, but once you switch to another app or screen, it will close Kinoma.
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    That is the one thing they need to get going on Kinoma. I use my 700p for so many things...I'd love to be able to check my email real quick or answer an SMS without having to go back in and wait for it to re-establish the stream.

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    You know -

    The Fact that on the 700p I CAN GET XM and Can't get Sirius is reason enough to choose XM.

    I wonder if Sirius even knows or cares about this?
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