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    I am thinking of getting a 700p, what are my options for syncing over the air with exchange. I understand that Activesync is available for Versamail. How well does it work? How about chattermail? I saw some references here that it would soon support contacts and calendar, has this happened?


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    Versamail 3.5 does ota sync of email, contacts, calendar. Chatter handles email sync to your server - slick - but no PIM modules yet. Waiting.

    That's it on the PalmOS side as far as I know. Search here on TC for 500 threads on this, 300 of which were me asking again and again for a solution

    Your other solution is a WM5 device which does all and everything. Hence my interest in the upcoming 750.
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    My company's IT dept setup NotifyLink for Exchange (Scalix actually) sync, PIM stuff works well, I hate their email client, but it does the job...
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    I'm using VersaMail with the 4smarphone service to sync my data and it works pretty well. Once Chattermail comes out with a PIM add on then I will look to switch since VersaMail is limited in the emails it can sync (up to 30 days). I wish the Treo 700w had the RAM the 700wx did since I had a lot of good email/pim apps and could sync without much issue.

    Still the Treo 700p is doing what I need and it doesnt need a soft reset 10 times a day.

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