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    I was just wondering if anyone else has a problem with their 700 automatically connecting to their BT car kit? Mine works fine once it's on, but I have to physically push the power button to turn on the PDA portion of the device before it will connect. Is this a common problem, or am I just lucky?

    Another issue is that I can't dial directly from my car kit. I have to select the contact/number through the Treo and hit "dial", then the voice automatically goes through the car kit.

    I know... neither of these is a HUGE deal, but they are slightly annoying. Hopefully an issue that will be addressed with the next firmware.

    One last question... I know the 650 had bluetooth issues with car kits before the firmware upgrades. Did the upgrades eventually give the capabilities I'm asking about above (direct dialing and automatic connect)?
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    What car kit do you have?

    My parrot ck3100 works perfectly with the 700p.

    I also have a Uniden BT home phone that works similar to a car kit, and have no problems there either with 700p.

    The 650 needed updates to get BT working correctly with the Uniden, but it always worked with the Parrot.
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    I have a Pioneer stereo with built-in Bluetooth. It connects automatically with my wife's phone (Samsung A900), but not with mine. Did your 650 act the same with your Uniden as my 700 does before you did the updates? I'm just asking because I'd like to know for sure if this is even something Palm/Sprint can fix with an update.
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    It was similar. It would connect and then lose the connection 10 seconds later. The problem seemed to be that the Treo didn't know it should treat it as a car kit. When the update to v1.12 was released, it included an option that allowed the user to specify whether the device was a headset or a car kit. That fixed the problem.

    That option seems to be missing from the 700p.

    What Pioneer model do you have? I was considering getting the avic-z1. There was a thread in the BT forum that said it worked with the 700p.
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    I have the DEH-P9800BT. It has almost all the functions of the avic without the navigation and DVD playing capability. I was going to get the avic as well, but I just couldn't justify $2000 in my mind when the most important feature to me was bluetooth. I don't really need GPS right now, and if I ever do I'll probably just get the Palm TomTom kit so I can move it from car to car. The avic is a SERIOUSLY sweet system, though...
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    I really don't need the avic either, but it would make a great new toy. Trying to justify the price.....

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