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    hey guys im in the process of searching for a good GPS program for my treo 700p. The two I am most familiar with is tomtom and garmin as thats what i sell in my job. I know the garmin is not on the market yet so i guess im really wandering about the tomtom right now..i prefer tomtoms software over garmins as far as portable gps systems go, but how similar are the portable units to the software for the tre o. The main features im really looking for is text to speech, automatic rerouting,and the ability to view the route ahead of time. I believe the tomtom software will do teh rerouting and plan ahead, but couldnt find anything about text to speech. Also something that is very important to me is keeping my treo stable...ive had no problems with it restarting, but i also have no third party apps installed. i need a gps program that will not gum my treo up and make it unstable. So what do you guys think of the tomtom software and using it with the 700p, or should i look at other current gps software, or wait for the garmin. mainly i just need a stable program, with accurate mapping, and lots of points of interest. thanks and sorry for the long first psot
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    There's dozens of threads covering this topic in the Palm Apps and probably the accessories section. Do a title search on "TomTom" or "GPS" and you will find loads of information.

    To my mind the Seidio kits with the Treo charging cradle and built in GPS receiver offer th e most convenient "driving" option. See

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