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    well basically, the treo can do the sorting for you GolferTrav even w/o any 3rd party apps...

    -just make sure that all of your contacts are in your phone memory
    -go to contacts
    -then using the treo keyboard, type the contact you want to display on the screen

    e.g. you wanna call josh corban

    if you typed in j, it will display all contacts that has j on it
    continue on w/ jo, it will display all contacts that has jo on it
    and so on & so forth until the list is narrowed down to the contact you want

    the sort includes (in order) last name, first name, then company name.

    Alot of my contacts are in Japanese
    i'm curious, does it appear as nihongo letters???
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    i found that using the suggested method of typing in first initial and then a letter or 2 of the last name is as quick as anything - even quicker for those I have in Favorites but are not assigned a speed dial button (which I like, but I seem to have a lot of contacts that would start with the same 4-5 letters!).
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    well type more to refine the sort...

    if the name is just 4 chars, again continue typing w/o spaces to refine...
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    I like AddressXT
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