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    I've used TreoAlarm for a while as my only alarm clock. It's even worked on my Treo 700p. This morning, I noticed there was an expiration date notice on TreoAlarm. I've never seen that before. It says my TreoAlarm will expire in 6 days. I've always thought TreoAlarm was free, as I've been using it all this time without any notice, until now.

    Is it no longer freeware? Also, are there other alarms out there like TreoAlarm? I don't care much about the weather, as much a daily alarm clock.
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    I think you can ignore the message. I used it on my Treo 600 and it was continuing to work properly after the reminder popped up. Of course, as far as I know, TreoAlarm is not FreeWare for at least the last few months...
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    Unless something has changed, the you may use it w/o registering except for the weather. Since serving the weather requires that the developer hosts data on a server, and therefore costs him some money, he charges for that.
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    It hasn't been free for well over a year.

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