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    I'm on the verge of purchasing a Mac, and wanted to make sure that Entourage plays nicely with Exchange.

    I currently tunnel into my host's Exchange server via VPN. He had me add a line in my (PC) hosts file in order to accomplish this. From that point onward, configuration in Outlook was relatively easy.

    Someone at the Apple store told me today that I can access my Exchange account only via POP or IMAP. Is this the case? And if so, will I still be able to access my server-based Calendar and Contacts on the Mac?
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    The Apple store guy probably (incorrectly) assumed that you were wanting to use Apple's built-in Mail program to access your Exchange mail account. If that was the case, he was correct... Apple Mail only supports POP and IMAP (and Apple's .mac mail accounts). However, Entourage is supposed to play nicely with Exchange servers, and you should be able to set up an identical VPN system on your shiny new Mac.
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    I've got exchange working perfectly with our macs. We use SBS 2003, and my team members have Treo 700w's. Shouldn't be an issue with a 700p though. Entourage works fine with the Exchange Server. My blog has a few notes on getting it to work, but I'll be happy to help further....


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