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    as for security feature to keep our eyes off the screen. you gotta be freeken kidding me. if they didn't want us to look, then don't display any number.

    That's a good point, why would the car manufacturers go to the trouble of implementing this feature and then basically deactivating it?
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    Same thing with my Treo 700p and Audi A6 Nav/BT. Previous caller ID shows up on incoming call. Works fine with other cell phone. Not sure why if BT is a standard, it has so many issues. BTW, if anyone believes this is a safety feature designed into the system by the auto manufacturer should also believe there are little people who live in your phone and make all the "magic" happen. Please...
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    Same problem with my 700p and Parrot CK3100. Kit works great with my wife's LG phone.

    Has anyone tried the new 755p with these car kits? Palm's site does not list it as compatible.
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    Same issue with my 700p and Acura TL. My 650 was fine. I haven't tried it since the MR.
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    I have the exact same issue on my Argos Bluetooth device installed on my Mercedes Benz. It shows the caller ID for the call PRIOR to the one being received. If it is happening will all sorts of Bluetooth devices, and the only constant is it relates to a Treo700pos, then it is logically a problem with the Palm.
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    new MR fixes these promlems on 07 camry!
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    In limited testing my Parrot 3300 kit now shows the correct caller id.
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