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    Ok, here's the situation: I have someone who is constantly messaging me and will never answer phone calls, they only use text messaging. Sometimes there is more to talk about and I will be in the car, etc., and can't really text message this person. It has become so bad now that I am asking for your help to find an app that will allow me to create an auto-response message to this person when I receive a text from him. Basically something like the LudusW (incredible app!) app does for calls.

    In summary, an app that will allow me to create custom messages based on who is texting me. So, for this person, it would be something like, "This subscriber no longer accepts text messages, please call this subscriber at ###.###.####"

    Any ideas if an app like this exists?
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    CallFilter will do this with a simple rule to watch for an SMS from that person and auto-reply with "xxx"
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    Thanks for the reply. It looks like CallFilter is what I was looking for. Cheers!
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    Also try SharkMessage
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    Is there a link for these programs?

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