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    Hello everyone,
    I am having problem with my cingular treo 650 and my lexus bluetooth phone system. I have read a ton of other treads about this issue and it seems that no one else is having too many problems. I can get the phone to pair fine and I have the newest available firmware but I cannot dial out from the car itself. If I recieve a call while paired the car system picks it up. I have transfered my phonebook but when I try to dial out through the car, the system says its dialing but nothing happens. The phone never initiates teh call. I know many of you have gotten this to work on your own vehicles and it just seems I am missing something. Thanks in advance for your help. I appreciate it soooo much.
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    this is a problem that the treo's have with the IS350 bluetooth system... there is no fix.. get a better phone.

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