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    Hello all and TIA.

    As I've never had a Treo I guess I'm a noob (!) but I've used Palm OS since lllx, now using T3 device and love it but want mobility.

    All my data is on a Palm backup card and also of course in my Mac. It seems it would be smart to only migrate PIM data and no apps/files. I will not want to sync to my current user due to potential issues w/ switching from T3 so how do I remove PIM files from old data and migrate to 700P? Should I put the backup card in new device, transfer PIM data using Mac or some other method? Of course I want as clean a new device as possible but still want access to my 8 years of contacts, calendar and memos.

    I will miss writing with stylus as I'm very fast w/ Graffiti but lousy typist whether w/ all digits or just thumbs. I plan to try Graffiti Anywhere that has supposedly worked on 650...any experience?

    I also use WordComplete by CIC, no longer supported. I've seen that some have used it on 650 with Graffiti Anywhere...again, any experience or advice re stylus text entry?

    Thank you for your when will Verizon have the NEW TOY?? ;-D

    Be well, all.

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    David, don't those backup cards backup all files on your palm, not just documents and app data?

    I'm concerned using the backup card will install obsolete files that could cause problems with a new Treo.
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    Thanks for replying.

    Yes they do. However they have the ability (at least in my usage so far w/ T3) of picking and choosing what one wants to backup or restore. So, my thought was to only restore the PIM data to the 700P and then only add "vetted" sw to the new machine.

    I do want to know how to best set up the desktop file (using Palm Desktop I guess) having only the established PIM data but "no obsolete files that could cause problems with a new Treo."

    Be well, all.


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