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    I am handing down my T600 to my wife and want to change the "user" on the Treo without having to rebot the thing from scratch etc. Is there any way to do this?

    I simply want to give her the whole thing (software and all) but want to have a unique sync identity for her stuff.


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    Somebody has either done this or tried to....a little help here, please.

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    Not really. The hot sync ID is what most apps run their registration from. Change that and it is fork over the money time, which is what my wife rightly did. It meant in some cases reinstalling apps, though in most instances it meant putting new registration codes in, et cetera. One continues to run, though she found one with a different approach that she likes. Anyway, the developer deserves compensation for efforts put forth. Ben
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    I understand that. My goal was to give my wife the T600 with all the stuff I liked while purchasing new software for my new one. But I want to keep my user least if I can.

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    There are apps like 'username' and MUH that will do this. Do a search...
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