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    The one thing I miss about my former phone is that when I miss a call, I don't really seem to know it. I wonder if there is a way or an app that sets it so that when I turn on my Treo it tells me how many calls I missed or even the caller id history.

    Any ideas?
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    Check the call log and sub menus within the call log. Their are also a variety of third party apps that give "enhanced" call log details.


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    You also may want to try out Butler. I have it set to flash a fast green light at me when I miss a call and receive a text message so if I walk away from my phone if it is sitting somewhere on my desk or my counter I can quickly tell if I have missed a call or received a text without having to turn on the phone. It also flashes sometimes for E-Mails through my BizConnect, but it is only so often that it does this when I receive an E-Mail.
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    Hi camarodreamer!

    I leave my phone on 24/7, so the call log registers all calls. I turn it to silent/non-vibrate when I am sleeping or do not want to have any sound "indications" at all during a business meeting, at the movies, et cetera.
    (Vibrate only, still makes noise.)

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I think an enhanced version or maybe even Butler is what I am looking for. I know how to look at the call log but I wanted something that jumped out at me and said
    "Hey You missed 3 calls from Jim!" Hehe The hubby!


    Thanks so much!
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    Well it should automatically pop up on your screen that you have a missed call, but if you want a little something extra to tell you, go with Butler.
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    If you missed scall you should see a blue snowflake thingie flashing. If ya wanna check, go to the missed call log....2 taps on green button, slect call log and then "missed calls" from the drop down.

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