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    for a 650. Anyone seen one out there?

    The coiled cord doesn't fit my car install as well as a nice, flat, straight cord would...

    Someone please help!!
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    Car chargers fry batteries, don't get one.

    Save money and get a 12vDC --> 120vAC converter at radio shack......and use your 120v charger which won't fry ya battery and have a nice skinny cord.

    Or better yet, get a cradle.....since I am spending YOUR money, a GPS cradle !
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    I think a Car-USB charge cable should do. Just do a search on EBAY.
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    Yea, Ive got the above but from seidio... only thing i dont like about it though is that the coil holder thingy (middle plastic piece) sometimes gets caught between my seat and middle console or seat belt buckle when i set it down and i end up nearly ripping the thing out when i pick it up for a call...

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