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    Does anyone have a suggested way of transferring songs from itunes to 1 GB SD card? Thanks.
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    use a card reader and drag and drop them onto the card.
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    Or use Softick's Card Export. Connect your Treo to your synch cord, start Card Export, Press Connect to Desktop, wait a few seconds and your treo appears as a drive on your PC. Works just like a USB flash drive. Open the folder where you keep your music (Audio or SD_Audio), open the folder on your PC where you keep your music and drag and drop the files from your PC to your Treo.

    Since I don't always have a card reader handy, but I keep my synch cord with me ( I use a laptop so I can just dump it into the case and it is there when I need it) I like this option. It is also a great way to use your Treo as a flash drive, depending on the size of the SD card you have.
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    Does the media player that comes preinstalled on the treo 650 play AAC files? Not iTunes Store tracks but just tracks imported as AAC...

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