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    I've been experimenting with this for the last two months, and I thought I would post my results.
    I wanted to improve the stability of VeriChat, especially when using SMS always-on mode. Many users have had major stability problems in this configuration, including myself. I use a CDMA Treo, means that the radio drains the battery very quickly, and using the data always-on mode would drain my battery in less than a day of normal usage, but made VeriChat more stable.
    I found that using Resco Locker to lock VeriChat and it's associated .prcs into DBCache helped some, but I still had too many resets. The three things that improved stability the most were disabling Bluetooth, disabling threaded SMS, and keeping the number of stored SMSes to a minimum.
    In case anyone hasn't noticed, the Bluetooth implementation on the Treo 650 is very unstable. It seems to responsible for many problems on the Treo, not the least of which is the "not-waking-up-after-pressing-a-button" problem. In general, this signals that Bluetooth creates all sorts of interrupt problems for the OS, and that creates instability. As a result, I only have bluetooth enabled when I need to wear my headset.
    Next, by disabling threading in the SMS application I hoped to reduce Verichat's contention for the SMS database. It made sense that the SMS application would be linked to VeriChat sms-mode instability. I thought about what the app most likely did, and this led me to threading. When an SMS comes in, the Treo has to process it twice with threading and VeriChat enabled: 1) discover the associated thread, and attach it, as well as notify the notification manger and 2) parse it to see if it should go to VeriChat, assign it to existing IM threads, remove it from the SMS database, and notify the notification manager. The SMS app was not written with VeriChat in mind, and Pdaapps needed to write Verichat to process the SMS quickly so that it was never mistaken by the Treo as an SMS instead of an IM. This situation, I think, has led to a lot of contention over incoming SMS messages, and thus greater instability. To reduce the contention, I figured that if I disabled threading, the SMS app would just try to notify the notification manager, and nothing else.
    Finally, I make sure the SMS database stays mostly empty. The first time the Treo got into a reset loop for me was when I had let the SMS database get very very large. After deleting the whole database the Treo recovered. That event made me suspicious of the SMS app from then on. I now clear out the SMS database weekly and only keep messages from the last week. A small database means that the SMS app can store any incoming message quickly without having to do a lot of hashing to find a place for the new message. This means that VeriChat's parser can get at the message sooner, and means less contention and less crashes.
    Making these changes has meant that I can run VeriChat daily in SMS-mode and have had only a couple of crashes that I'd associate with it. These hints may not make any difference for anyone else, but if you have a lot of resets due to VeriChat and want to try running it in SMS-mode, you might want to start with these hints.

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    Use a stable version too...I forgot what I was using prior, but lots and lots of resets, went to 2.89b and far less resets. Installed Resco Locker and DB Cache Tool and now almost reset free (maybe a reset every other day or two).
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    Good point, WTF! I forgot to mention that I, too, am using 2.89b. 2.89b can be found in this post, but can not be found on the pdaapps site.
    Update: Verichat 2.89b is now available officially from Pdaapps.
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    Could someone post detailed instructions for how to achieve this stability? What exactly do I lock with Resco locker?
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    The newest Resco Locker marks the programs that get calls outside the program with a !. I would pretty much lock those programs.
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    I use 2.86b with T-mobile with no problems via Data connect. Auto logs in all day while Snappermail checks for mail every 1/2 hour. Also use blazer once in awhile to go to imbedded links.

    Verichat is very trouble free IMHO. I think if you use it with Versamail, you might have issues.
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    In my experience, using VeriChat via the data connection is much more stable than via SMS. However, the radio in a CDMA Treo uses a lot more power than that of a GSM Treo, and, so, using the data connection on a CDMA Treo may result in an empty battery much sooner (in my experience, the data connection drains the battery in less than a day). I just wanted to share what I've found makes using SMS and VeriChat - a combination that is all too often unstable.

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