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    I also carry my treo in my front pocket cuz m still looking for a perfect case accorfing to my needs. But the only thing I hate is the treo freezes almost everytime when I m in a no signal zone !! I think it's the old gsm problem...hope palm suckers fixed that in new "hopefully coming" update...
    besides r there ne skins which don't have the rubbery condom feeling???
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    I just carry mine naked in my front pocket, but I make sure never to put anything in the pocket with it, and always face the screen inwards towards my leg. I think the lack of bulk from having no case makes the Treo safer because it doesn't stick out much. Any really strenuous activity that would potentially harm the Treo in my pocket always occurs at a time when I shouldn't be carrying the Treo anyway, so I haven't needed a case. If the situation called for it I would get one though.

    I do use a screen protector because I come from the world of large-screen/no-keyboard Palms, and I like to poke things on the screen with my fingers.
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    you guys might wanna check this out
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    i've been using the seidio beltclip holster and its putting wear and tear on my treo. the paint by the stylus and on the lower edges and battery cover is being worn off, I'm also getting mark on the casing by the earpiece. so i've switched to using the covertec horizontal leather case
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