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    I had a treo 650 with a dead pixel so I got a replacement. The replacement came today but I notice that the keyboard lights are a dull, yellowish color. The original has a beautiful white keyboard light. Is it possible to take the light from the original and put it into the replacement?

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    better talk to the technical service of palm
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    I think I had the same issue with mine - all the other treos that i see have a brilliant bright white keybaord light. i dont think i care enough to get it replaced, because i usually leave the keyboard lights off anyway...
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    I'm missing something. how do I turn the keyboard lights off?
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnd
    I'm missing something. how do I turn the keyboard lights off?
    KB Lights.
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    Maybe you just have the updated firmware. With the latest Cingular firmware update the keys dim at the same rate as the screen. Before this update the keys were always at full bright. Try turning up your screen to full bright and see if the keys also go bright. If so, your Treo is working as designed (at least with the latest firmware update).
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    Quote Originally Posted by lgreenberg
    I use Keyshades... I'm guessing they do the same thing.

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