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    I have the "No Service - SOS only" message at the top of my phone. Phone works just fine and I can make calls with no prolems. Reception bar is at 4 bars.

    How do I fix this ?

    he phone is a 650 on Cingular with AT&T card (Phone is unlocked). Software version is 1.17CNG

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    The times that I have seen this a soft reset fixed the problem.
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    Tried this already. It will come and go. I didn't do anything and now it changed back to Cingular.
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    I think I remember reading that this message can actually be caused by the tower you are connecting to. There is a network connection hack floating around here for cingular that lets you select which tower you're talking to...maybe that could help.
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    Go down to the Cingular store and have them swap out your sim card for free...

    ... or better yet, do what I'm doing, go with Verizon, because I've discovered that Cingular stinks for many reasons.... not the least of which is that Cingular firmware does not support nearly as many Bluetooth profiles as other carrier's.. weird but true.
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    Swapping the simcard is one option. As long as they don't make me go with a cingular plan as well.
    Going with verizon is not an option. I travel around the world so the phone needs to be GSM. Plus, I hate CDMA anyway.
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    I have this same "problem" after the CNG 1.17 upgrade. The phone turns on in the AM, and for the last two mornings it says No Service - SOS only, but has full signal, and it works just fine, and later in the day, after I leave home, (another tower) it reads Cingular correctly. This started after the upgrade.
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    I have TreoGuard which has the option to turn radio on and off at pre-specified times. Each time it turns my Treo radio on, I get the same message-noservice-sos only, yet the phone works fine. Go figure.
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    Maybe that's the cause. I have phone technitian on mine and I use it to turn the radio on and off as well.
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    And I use Treoguard...
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    I got this message earlier today (yesterday, by now). . At 5:15 I made a call, but it took 3 or 4 minutes to flash green. Tried to make another call at the same location at 6:20, but I got that same message, and no signal - couldn't get a dial tone. I have T-Mobile.
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    So this only for like an AT&T customer on a cingular network right?

    Not for any "No Service - SOS only"
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    I had the same issue a few weeks ago. Endless search and then only sos calls. It might be that your sim card holder is loose. It is a known problem with the 650's. In some cases an exchange sim card holder can be arranged. In the meantime, try putting a slim piece of paper between the back of the sim and the holder. It worked for me. I am not on Cingular or AT&T.

    It may or may not be your issue but it is worth a try.
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    The problem seem to be gone for the time being. I'll try the simcard door trick next time.

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