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    Does anyone has old "vanilla (clean)" webOS Doctor for Go? I want to build custom doctor using meta-doctor script "meta-opal-att-3.0.4", but got some troubles with applying patches (I have only already customized builds of 3.0.5). Main purposes are:
    1) I heard that 3.0.4 works more stable with Go camera (now after I switch camera my TP reboots)
    2) I also want to add ext3fs partition to use Ubuntu chroot and also want to increase swap
    3) Wanted to bypass activation and first use app

    If anyone can help me, please write here or PM
    HP Touchpad Go 32Gb 3G + HP Pre 3 AT&T + Palm Pre Plus + Palm Touchstone + Xiaomi Redmi 3
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    Did you get private messages with the doctors you were asking or are you still needing ?

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