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Jolla Tablet - Crowdfunded
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In a few hours Jolla has managed to raise over $650,000 to fund a tablet.

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Might this make for a good LuneOS port?
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I think it's still too early to worry about LuneOS ports, and all of the best options will be those that have cyanogen builds.

I was thinking more along the lines of a crowdfunded webOS phone being possible in the future. Maybe we could convince an OEM or ODM (I get confused about the difference) to partner with us on a crowdfunded webOS phone production run. Or perhaps a better idea would be an Android phone with open drivers.
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The only crowd funded phone i can imagine being on board with would be a complete clone of the pre3 that simply had updated software and peripherals to match current state of the art.

Or at the least, a crowdsourced replacement lte com board for the pre2 only because it's the only one that's modular. But that would also need a serious software update, basically a webOS 2.3 that actually fixes all synergy failures we are experiencing. Like this cdav thing is so far demonstrating to be a failure on the calendar for me. It's erasing new entries that are supposed to be upsyncing. Nfg.
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