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    Last night we held a huge vendor/consumer event. Anyways, what I was most interested to see was what people's initial reactions/impressions to Windows Phone 7 would be.

    To say the least, it was a HUGE hit. For many (there was roughly 1,000 people that RSVP'ed for the event) it was the first hands-on experience with WP7. There were a lot of tweets (search twitter for the #gdgtsf hashtag) and general conversations about how people say they can see a WP7 in their near future.

    We had the entire WP7 device line up there. Both Microsoft and HTC had booths to show off devices.

    Was interesting. It was also my first time hands-on with a WP7 device and I have to say... well done Microsoft. The Dell Venue Pro is an amazing device with a stellar keyboard. I was pleasantly surprised.

    WP7 as a whole feels very polished. It still feels a bit pre-mature but it's a great start. The interface is beyond snappy, the UI is beautiful and the general flow feels consistent/natural. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, you definitely should.
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    I consider that great news. I'm a big fan of companies that, at least, try to do something original. WP7 is the first phone to come out in a long time that is not just a thinly veiled, iPhone KIRF. Good on MS for attempting honest competition.
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    the pre was my first smartphone, and I'm really leaning towards the wp7 operating system to be my next ( havnt made up my mind yet tho). I don't know why new platforms can't have all the modern features, especially from a company the size of microsoft. So I hope they bring all the highend/bleeding edge features to it soon (save state, copy paste, a working sd card, etc).
    because wp7 looks really nice, but i don't want to feel like a beta tester again.
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    I finally managed to get my hands on a WP7 device yesterday and while I'm not sure I'd have one myself, they are solid feeling devices and the GUI is pretty straightforward, I think will have a lot of appeal with general consumers.
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    went to a tmobile store and tried the hd7. It was a very slick ui, the feel of the scroll and the squishing of toles instead of spring board effects...
    apps opened fast and the overall look of the os is just beautiful.

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