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    Just curious if anyone else out here is getting an iPad? Preorders start March 12 I'm definitely getting on board. As a long time Palm user then I love my Pre but it definitely is lacking in many categories. Screen size, quality apps, build quality, good media playback etc.

    I know, Palm users seem to have developed some sort of anti-Apple reflex, but I'm thinking that the Pre + iPad + MyTether is going to be a very nice couch/travel setup. So, is anyone else getting an iPad or am I the only fool out here.
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    im not its just got too little for the price compared to a nebook
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    I don't see its utility. If I was in the market for something like this I think I'd wait for the hp slate.

    I like the idea of tethering a tablet to my pre, but I want my tablet to do more than the ipad...namely have a usb port
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    Like everyone else these days I have a smart phone and a Netbook so I don't know how an iPad would do me any good.
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    I'm sure I'll get a WIFI unit for a family Christmas present this year.

    I have an iPod Touch at home that already gets great use. When we travel I can use my Pixi Plus with Hostspt to connect my laptop, the iPad and the Touch.
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    I might if apple wasn't evil. I will not support them ever.

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    shortly after release they will lower price and add memory
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    My wife is a gadget freak, so I'm planning to pre-order her an iPad just to get some brownie points!

    Palm Apps:

    jVault and jChecklist
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    I'm not, I just don't see where I would use it, I have my laptop, iphone, and e-reader and the ipad cant really do anything better than any of these.
    Also wouldn't it be cheaper to use the at&t data plan ($29.99) instead of mifi ($40) with the ipad?
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    I am, I don't currently have a portable laptop, mine laptop's fans aren't good enough to keep up. And i think people don't realize that for web browsing, media consumption and light productivity, competitors with a full desktop OS are not going to be as good on a smallish touch device as the iPhone OS, the android competitor ADAM might be good, but it won't be out for a while.
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    Even if I didn't think Apple was evil I would never get an ipad (totally lame name btw). It's too big to be portable (as in carry with me) and doesn't do anything my laptop can't do and I have an eReader so what's the point?
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    I'd much rather get a JooJoo
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    I am in for one I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    I might if apple wasn't evil. I will not support them ever.
    If you are going to restrict yourself to only using products from -not evil- companies then you'd never be able to drive to work, get on the internet, wear any clothing and would starve to death.

    I don't disagree with people that say Apple is evil, but the difference between Apple and most other companies out there is that when they do something good or bad then it becomes headline news.
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    Too closed source, too little for the money. It is a very nice looking device OS-wise, something I would like to use to web-surf on my couch. I would never carry this around town tho. In the end I'd pay under $300 for a limited use tablet, the HP slate does look great but it is almost too much computer for a tablet but you get alot more for the price.
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    What are the chances of supply shortages?...u buy and then sell it when supply is short and demand is high...
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    Not me, overpriced and imo pretty useless.
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    I love Apple products... I use Macs at work and home, but the iPad is one device that I am not that excited for. I just think it is a really big iPod Touch (which I already have). The main thing that bugs me is the lack of multitasking on it. I don't need to run a ton of programs at once, but if I want to use Word or Excel on the iPad, I want to be able to do some research on Safari without having to completely back out of every program before going to the other. Tablet wise, I am most excited about seeing what develops from Microsoft with the Courier...
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