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    Check out and you can use the Dell coupon code to get the T-615 for about $350 (depends on shipping to you).

    I wish I'd known about this before I bought mine.... I paid $370

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    As far as I can see from and Dell sites, it's not $350, it's $359.10, more like $360, so it's only a ten bucks difference with what you've got, not such a big deal. By the way, where did you get it for $370? (I hope with tax and shipping included). I'm waiting for a Royal Blue units to become available, then I'll probably get one from Dell, hoping they will still have 10% off (I know it expires on 02-15-02, but I hope they will extend it) and free shipping by that time. Can't wait to get that beauty
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    I ordered another one from Dell today and got a price of $352.20 (shipping included).


    EDIT: Anyway my point is that if you buy it at CompUsa for $379.99 + tax it comes out to about $400-$410 (depending on sales tax). If you can get it from Dell for $350-360 you can put the money you saved towards a memory stick. 128mb memory sticks are about $60 nowadays.

    This is even more true if you buy it at Circuit City or BestBuy where it is the full retail price of $399.99 + tax.
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    For those of you who don't want to mess with coupon codes and the like (or who for some reason hate Dell?) check this out: has the T-615 for $349.99 + shipping. Ground shipping costs $7.80 so the total from eCost is $357.79 shipped.

    However be advised that they only have 7 left as of this posting....

    (just trying to help out my fellow VisorCentralites )

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    They updated number of units in stock on eCost site, it's now 155, anyway, still no Royal Blue, gosh, 10 more days...
    Thank you, Trotsky, you really make me feel good about those prices, I can afford couple of more things, that I was willing to put on hold, like replacement stylus and nice leather case. By the way, which ones do you use with your new T615?
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    T-615 for $339 with FREE SHIPPING!

    Click here for details. Read the WHOLE thread please.

    Basically it is a similar 15% coupon from Dell as the above links. However, some found that if you CALL Dell there is NO tax and NO shipping! Wow..... Sometimes I hate being an early adopter.

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    Finally, Royal Blue T615s show up on Dell site, though "out of stock" so far, but according to Dell rep, they will actually show up on Feb, 6th, and with those coupons in both consumer and business sections, that's gonna be one sweet deal for me!
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    Actually, if you read that thread I linked to, you'd have noticed that one guy stated that although the Dell site might say an item is "Out of Stock" if you call them, many times they will actually have some in stock.

    Apparently, the website "in stock" indicator is not updated realtime

    Of course for items that have not been released yet, this may not hold!


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