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    I have been a loyal Treo user for years. I am fairly dissatisfied with my 750 and WM 6. With many new phones out now and my contract being up I am looking for alternatives. I have been given a BB 8310 curve. It is an AT&T GSM so I can easily swap in my sim card. I have an unlimited data plan on my account.
    I would like to try the BB out for a couple of weeks.
    Can anyone tell me how to set up POP 3 email clients on this?
    Will I need to pay more just to activate this on the BB to try it out?
    What about browsers?
    I can't seem to set up emails without a BB account.
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    For setting up your email, you want to log into your AT&T BIS account and enter your email accounts there. If memory serves me correctly, there isnt any manual set up of emails.

    It shouldnt cost any more just to activate the phone; but I'm not 100% sure since I dont know how things are done with AT&T.

    Once you log into your BIS account, send the service books to your phone- then you will see your browser.
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